One of a kind Artist Bears 


Jacqueline Roughead 

I have been making Bears for myself since 2001 as I never the heart to part with any, so much love, care and affection goes into creating each Bear.  After years of self-teaching and practising the craft of designing and making Bears, I now sell and take commissions due to so many positive reviews, comments and requests from people about my Bears.

All GarJar Bears are designed and hand sewn by myself and my final seal of approval is the hand stitched label I sew onto every left footpad.

The components and materials used, make all GarJar Bears collector items only.  They are not suitable for children under 14 as they are not toys and are labelled accordingly.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.  You can get in touch with me  through the Contact page.  

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Jacqueline Roughead

Bear Artist

GarJar Bears


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